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Writers' Work

Writers' Work will resume on Wednesday, October 3rd, 

at the Hearth 'n Kettle, Rte. 18, Weymouth. 

Meetings are from 6-9 PM. 

Cost is $25 and includes 

rolls, salad, buffet meal, non-alcoholic beverages, dessert, 

a guest speaker, and an opportunity to purchase books. 

All attendees are welcome to bring their books!
Come socialize and soak in the creative minds of those who attend. 

 Thank you for your participation and interest!

Check back to learn about upcoming events.

Writers' Work will take place on the first Wednesday of each month.

Writers' Work - Wednesday, October 3rd

The Crime Novel: A Golden Age

While literary luminaries from Roxane Gay to Arundhati Roy to the late Tom Wolfe have called for American writers to reclaim the social novel – fiction that’s fully immersed in the political and social workings of the society from which it springs – the fact is that we are living in a golden age of the social novel. It goes largely unnoticed by the critical establishment because it is happening not in literary fiction, but in genre: the crime novel.

Ron MacLean is author of the novels Headlong and Blue Winnetka Skies and the story collection Why the Long Face? WE MIGHT AS WELL LIGHT SOMETHING ON FIRE, a collection of stories, is forthcoming from Braddock Avenue Books. MacLean’s fiction has appeared widely in magazines including GQ, Narrative, Fiction International, and elsewhere. He is a recipient of the Frederick Exley Award for Short Fiction and a multiple Pushcart Prize nominee. He holds a Doctor of Arts from the University at Albany, SUNY, and teaches at Grub Street in Boston.

Please RSVP to this event by emailing RiverhavenBooks@verizon.net by Friday, September 28th.

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Writers' Work - Wednesday, November 7th

Writing is a Gift

Writing can be therapeutic, enlightening, painful. It can also lead to greater compassion towards oneself and others. Writing, like visual arts and music, is a way to find meaning in one’s life and in the world. It is a very personal gift –each person has a unique perspective on the topic, just we all have unique voices as writers. For me, writing is a way to discover parts of myself I’ve kept locked away. Jobs, school, doing what was expected and what I perceived as necessary – pressures of culture and society. Writing is mine. The only person I answer to is myself. It enables me to go beyond my own limitations.

When you’re a writer, particularly a writer of fiction, you’re a god. You create your own universe, you determine the character and fates of each of your characters, you travel in time and space at will. Basically, you can do whatever you want.

    I’ve often thought that one’s writing is as revealing as a fingerprint. Who you are, your unique voice, your experiences, your view of the world – all are revealed in your work if you look close enough.

Pamela Loewy is the author of two romantic suspense novels (Doubt & Desire and Saving Jemma) and is currently working on edits to her third. A lover of the written word since childhood, she has facilitated writing workshops at the Plymouth Center for Active Living for the past three years and at Mayflower RSVP prior to that. She also served as editor for telegraph21.com, a curated video magazine. A former Chicagoan, Pam lives in Plymouth with her husband Bill and beloved mutt Jameson.

Writers' Work - Wednesday, December 5th

Research for Writing

GINA FAVA is the author of award winning short stories and the critically acclaimed international suspense thrillers The Race, the first in her HELL Ranger series, and The Sculptor (Best Mystery/Suspense Ebook by Indie Book Awards). Formula, the much anticipated sequel to The Race is due for publication November 2018. Un Momento: A Taste of Italian-American Pastimes is her first non-fiction collection of family recipes and personal essays on tradition, family, food, wine, travel, and art. She travels to Italy often to hunt down hard-core grappa. A native Buffalonian, she lives with her family in New England. Visit GinaFava.com. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.