How Riverhaven works...

After initial contact through email or a phone conversation, authors submit their work for evaluation. If the manuscript meets Riverhaven's standards of quality, we will provide a quote for the work to be completed - everything from editing to formatting to cover design. Once all terms are agreed upon, a contract and invoice are sent to the author, outlining the timing for the work to be completed and all expectations for both parties.

Most books are completed and available within three months.

Riverhaven does not take any of the profits from the sale of those books, and all books are available, at the author's choosing, through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). We have the ability to assist with paperback and Kindle books, and both of these can also be made available to through KDP's expanded distribution channels. Another option many of our authors take advantage of is getting books printed through a local printer; if authors want to utilize that option, we assist with all files and communication.

Another piece of Riverhaven is our à la carte services. Authors can determine which services they would like to utilize, and they maintain complete control. Since titles published in this manner do not carry the Riverhaven name, it is solely the decision of the author what changes are made, how the book is formatted, etc. We are always happy, however, to give our best advice.

The final opportunity we offer authors is consultation. Sometimes writers get stuck or need someone to give them constructive guidance. We're friendly, but we aren't your friends, so if you are looking for honesty, we can guarantee you'll receive feedback that can get you back on the path to getting published.