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Dear Author,

Thank you for considering working with Riverhaven. In order for you to be properly informed of your options, we would like to explain a little about our mission, our services, and who we are.

Our goal is to help authors ready their work for readers through honest evaluations, detailed editing, and professional formatting and design services. In order to most effectively provide needed services, we have three tiers of service: ala carte services, publisher-approved independent publishing, and traditional publishing.

Riverhaven has a small group of editors who review work submitted by authors. In this aspect we offer both partial and complete evaluations, developmental editing, and copyediting. We believe in paying our editors a fair wage while still allowing authors to afford our services. Our philosophy is that books should be in the best possible condition possible to be presented to their audience.

Below is a list of our ala carte services. The first category is evaluation and analysis; this allows an editor to read and assess the strengths and weaknesses of a work, providing valuable feedback to the author. The other categories are editorial, formatting, design, and publishing.

Authors are welcome to use any of the ala carte services we offer. If an author is interested in creating a book as a family heirloom, for his or her own personal use, or needs non-editing services for an existing work, we can assist. Riverhaven also works with authors to format their work, load it to an on-demand printer, make the book available through Kindle, and uses local printers for runs of books and for promotional materials as chosen by the author. These options allow authors to have books available through Amazon and other retailers. The product will not bear the Riverhaven name.

In order for Riverhaven Books to endorse a book, an editor will determine the marketability of the product through an initial analysis of a synopsis and the first ten pages. Should the work be of interest, a developmental edit will take place; please see terms below. If the project is still deemed marketable, then the editor will evaluate the work that the book requires, such as editing, and the author will be sent a letter of acceptance and a quote, whereby all costs are the author’s responsibility. Should the author accept, then a contract will be offered and sent with an invoice; once the author accepts the contract terms, work will proceed with the project and the book will be printed under the Riverhaven Books label with all rights and royalties remaining with the author.

The third option, Stream~Lines, is a traditional press. Authors wishing to submit a query letter to Stream~Lines, may do so. If the project is of interest to us, we will ask for more of the work. ­If the work is accepted through our traditional press, the author will incur no cost for the production of the book; a contract will be offered outlining the terms of ownership, royalties, and other items of importance.

We do our best to promote books published through Riverhaven and Stream~Lines via local fairs, book events, and a catalog. Authors are encouraged to promote their work as well. We offer some services post-publishing, including website design, Facebook author pages, and contacting of local venues.

If you are still interested in learning more about Riverhaven and our services, the following will be of interest.

Thank you again for your time.


Stephanie Blackman

  For ala carte services, please click here to see a pdf.


To submit to Stream~Lines, please send query to

Riverhaven, Query, 18 Pearl Street, Whitman, MA 02382.

If you would like to submit to Riverhaven Books, please send a synopsis and the first ten pages of your manuscript to Riverhaven Books, Submission, 18 Pearl Street, Whitman, MA 02382