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Dangerous beginnings thrust Selane Auburt into the path of Detective Sam Slayton, Special Crimes Division of the Boston Police Department. While she recovers from the attack, he investigates the explosion that nearly caused Selane’s death. But there’s more to this incident, and Sam is determined to piece together the scattered shards. Something more sinister had been occurring at that corner for morths; despite continuous surveillance, the detectives hadn’t figured out what, exactly, the criminal activity was, but now Sam knew that the people involved didn’t mind the idea of murder. As he continues to work toward solving the crime, he becomes ever closer to Selane. But is she an innocent victim or part of the conspiracy?

A true story of the love Monroe has for Caleb.  

Monroe is always watching over Caleb, and they love to play together. 

You knew you shouldn’t have. But you did it anyway: A few seconds of thoughtless cruelty; an obsession indulged; the pursuit of that beautiful woman who’s just…wrong. Here are seventeen tales of faulty impulses and bad decisions that reaped horrifying results – and one where everything actually turns out well. Read, enjoy, and promise yourself you’ll carefully consider all your future choices.

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