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Cara’s work as a journalist kept her busy, especially since the mysterious plane crash and disappearance of Dr. Granger Finnegan. With all leads bringing her no closer to the truth of what really happened, she finds escape on Martha’s Vineyard where she encounters a man who could be him.

     But why would a successful young neurosurgeon choose to give up the life he knew and loved? Was there a dangerous history that he’d hidden from everyone, even those he was closest to? Even to the point of leaving behind his beloved dog Prancer?

     Cara’s thirst for answers brings her only more questions.

What will it take, Dr. Finnegan, to get close to you?

Retiree Gwen Andrews arrives at the Harbor Falls Bed & Breakfast expecting an evening of food and fun at the garden club’s Christmas party. Boy, is she wrong!

     First, she learns the B&B’s ghost is wreaking havoc.

     And then Gwen overhears a whispered blackmail threat.

     Because misfortune often comes in threes, a prickly club member tumbles down the servant steps during an impromptu house tour and dies.

    When the woman’s death is ruled suspicious, Gwen is enlisted for undercover sleuthing. Were mortal hands or spectral to blame? All the while, she’s juggling her personal life as one man exits and another enters.

     A parallel cold case, a detective besotted with Gwen, and the spirit of her deceased husband intensify the hunt. As Gwen moves ever closer toward the murderer, her biggest challenge may be her own survival.

RECLAIMING MY MIND: A JOURNEY THROUGH DARKNESS is three books of poetry under one cover. It charts the unique arc of my life, from happy childhood to challenging adulthood. In my early twenties, I was struck by the life-altering impact of mental illness. I endured years of adversity before pursuing poetry as a form of therapy and a means of empowerment. By putting my story into verse, I took a devastating disease and turned it into a gift. GHOST OF A BUTTERFLY traces the stages of my evolving narrative, always haunted by the specter of madness. FOLLOWING DISTURBANCES, written twenty years later, serves as a bridge from past to present. It connects words & experiences with a different style but a similar commitment to order & self-control. DAILY BRIEFINGS documents a range of pressing issues, extending from the personal realm to the public forum. The common thread is to persevere through the difficult detours of destiny. The ultimate irony is that by losing my mind, I found my voice. Emerging from the shadows, I seek light and refuse to surrender!

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