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Meet Our Authors

Paul D'Angelo

Soundings: Honoring Influential Teachers

Sounds of the Circus

Debi Graham-Leard

The Uninvited Guest

Where There's Smoke, There's Trouble

Virginia Young

   Where Seagulls Sleep 
   Sleepless Tides
   Winter Waltz
   A Family of Strangers
   The Birthday Gift
   By A Thread
   Find Me
   Out of the Blue
                                               A Midnight Bell
Patricia Perry

The Realm of Dark and Light
The Black Fairy
The Realm of Dark and Light, Book II: Escape from Caldon Island
The Realm of Dark and Light, Book III: In the        Heart of Darkness
Kathy Handley

Birds of Paradise
A World of Love and Envy

Judy Campbell

Reflections and Refractions

John Gallagher

Arsenic in Assinippi

Murder on Broadway

A Monument to Her Grief

Richard Standring

Dangerous Dancing
Tomorrow is Just           Another Road
Vaughn Keller

   Behind the Neon
   The Corner of My Eye

Joanna Zarkadas


Scott Gordon

Sale Pending: A Sixteen Step   Guide to Buying Real Estate

Consie Berghausen (pictured with daughter and illustrator Nina Berghausen)

The Saltwater Marsh: A Magical Place

The Sonoran Desert:
A Magical Place

The Cormorant and the Clam

Joanne Roche

When the Roses Bloom

Alberta Sequeira

A Spiritual Renewal:
  A Journey to Medjugorie
Barrie Little-Gill (Edward)

Flight of the Blue Pig
Casablanca Connection
Death of Democracy
A Snow Fairy Adventure

Teisha Dawn Twomey

How to Treat Pretty Things

Peter Gravelle

Graduating to Adulthood

Jay Ardizzoni

Gus Gus's Big Flight

Sandy Churchill

And the Peepers Peep On

Alice Roy

Folds to the Door

Rich Barnes

Steps to a Richer Life

Phillip L. Pendergast

   Bits and Pieces

Valerie Hanks Goetz

Oh, My Lucky Stars!
The Truth About February
Lucky Shoes

Sarah Dodge

A Better Tomorrow Than   Today

Sandy Macfarlane

Swirling Currents

Leslie Prescott

Please, Thank You, Yes,   Okay, and Other Nice   Things to Say
The Twelve Cats/Dogs of   Christmas
Doodles the Clown and   The Birthday Gift

H. J. Lassek

The Ugly Bureaucrat

Deanna Nealey

Genghis Swan

Stephanie Blackman

Nutty the Nutcracker

Adelene Ellenberg

Eminent Crimes: A Legal   Thriller

Al Papiano

Oogg and the Claret Jug

Woonsocket Born

Jon C. Mitchell

Now You Can Take Off Your Clothes

Sounds of the Circus

David Kirk

Weathervanes of Change

Sandcastle Empires

After Normalcy

Overlooking the Frost

Louise Snyder

Substitute Bear
Milt Dentch

Fall of an Icon
Donna Fitzgerald

If You Dare to Dream
Little Girl Lost

J.P. Farrell

Slip of the Hand

Slip of the Hand II: Under the Surface

Slip of the Hand III: Deep in the Shadows