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You're Not the Boss of Me! How to Handle Being a Middle Child


Critics and Readers Praise You’re Not the Boss of Me!


Jonnie, this book shows how you have continued to grow thru your writing. It is more of you…the forgiving, loving, funny, seriously kind person we all love, laugh with, listen to, and understand…well most of the time.

Your favorite sister,


P.S. Mom just wanted you to think you were in charge.


Jonnie has an uncanny ability to make everything in her expansive family somehow about her, :-). That said, her storytelling draws you in—and in a nostalgic way that makes you want to curl up with a blanket in front of a fire and read more. Definitely worth the read.

Her favorite niece,

Meara Lyons


Fantastic job on your book! It is filled with humor as well as hidden lessons for us all, at any time, any age, any year . . . 


God bless and keep up the good, lovable work.

Mary Ellen,

the oldest sister


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