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Spiritually Seeing


How we humans we see, speak, listen, and elect to use our time to experience the world around us, our immediate mundane ordinary, dishwashing, walk the dog, clean up after the party world, can be a spiritual experience…if we want it to be.


Constance Melahoures has been taking pictures for as long as she can remember. She is a retired educator, now an activist/advocate for our local homeless population…and as part of her spiritual practice, she takes photographs of the natural world around her.


The wordsmith, Judith Campbell, is a Unitarian Universalist community-based minister. As part of a ministry grounded in creative arts and the spirit, she writes books and poems, and she also knits.


When asked about their collaboration for this book, Campbell stated, “Connie speaks her truth in her pictures…and her pictures

inspired me to respond with my words. “


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