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I Call Your Name


College textbook editor Breeda Flynn inherited an inactive bed and breakfast on Martha’s Vineyard. She enjoys the solitude, her only company the cat who had belonged to her deceased aunt. Along with the house and feline, Breeda’s world is filled with memories of events which happened sixteen years earlier, including the disappearance of her first love and the brutal death of his mother.


When TV producer Joe Pederson asks to stay for a brief time at her home while researching and writing a book about those incidents, Bree is not happy about the intrusion. Reluctantly, she agrees to the stay.




“A romantic voyage that has it all: a gentle love story, mounting suspense, and the lush scenery of Martha’s Vineyard. Readers will applaud the deft portraits of both setting and characters.”

~Arlene Kay, author, Intrusion and Die Laughing


“…a tale of secrets, loss, and hope as two hearts find their way to one another in the desolate beauty of Martha’s Vineyard.”

~Susan Trausch, author, Groping Toward Whatever or How I Learned to Retire, Sort Of


“Lovely and captivating. Virginia Young takes readers on an intriguing, mysterious journey. Be prepared to be surprised by an enchanting story with characters whose lives are magically woven together on beautiful Martha’s Vineyard.”

~Kathy Handley, author, Birds of Paradise and A World of Love and Envy


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