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The Corner of My Eye


All writing is autobiographical. The continuum, though, is quite broad. In this collection of short stories, essays, and poetry Keller ranges from the very personal, a November voyage from Virginia to Bermuda on a thirty-five-foot boat, to a short story in which the characters’ lives are changed because someone gets the flu.

Serious stuff is here as well. In an essay on freedom and courage Keller considers Unitarian Universalism through the lens of Stephen Prothero’s God Is Not One. He wonders about the “curse” of being human and draws upon the work of theologian Paul Tillich to suggest that the “courage to be” is what makes us fully human.

The poetry is personal and at times playful. Anyone who has ever traveled alone for business will resonate with Pittsburgh Airport and the fantasies that can enter one’s mind while waiting for a plane.

These are short works, good reading for a variety of moods, places, and time constraints.

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