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Slip of the Hand II: Under the Surface


The saga of former Navy SEAL Jack Bolton continues. Hoping to put his past behind him, Bolton seeks to settle down to a normal life with the woman he loves. But he soon finds himself back in the crosshairs and on the run from a Mexican cartel, the Mafia, and government henchmen — all who have a score to settle.


Special Agent Paul Ryland, Brian Butler, Jeff Keller, and Laura Weston all remain entangled as they struggle to unveil and escape the deep conspiracies of the former senator, now president-elect, and his CIA henchmen. But President-elect Atkins will go to any lengths to keep his skeletons buried, and he is determined to eliminate anyone who poses a threat, especially Bolton, who now possesses proof of the crimes he spearheaded.


A Slip of the Hand II is a fast-paced page-turner that presents unforgettable characters, non-stop action, and a topical cautionary tale of unchecked political power.


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