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The Realm of Dark and Light, Book II: Escape from Caldon Island


The tremendous volume of magic wielded in front of Bystyn two years ago did not go unnoticed by some on Caldon Island. Intent on obtaining this power, the necromancer Suh weaves a spell to bring it to his domain. What he retrieves, however, is not what he expected. Ramira and Vox/Allad are transported to this land where their powers become dormant and, perhaps, are gone forever. Undaunted, Suh searches for his elusive prey as they desperately seek a way back to Bystyn.

Following a trail left by the magic, Danyl, Seven, and the Herkah Takan embark upon a dangerous journey to rescue Ramira and Allad. Their path crosses with pirates and other travelers who aid in their quest. But everything has a price, and the three friends must overcome many dangers if they are to be successful.

Meanwhile, a shrewd wraith also inhabiting this territory follows a different course, one that leads to an ultimate confrontation leagues away from Caldon Island. Vengeance, greed, and lust complicate the series of events set into motion by the necromancer’s actions.


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