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Duct Tape Won't Fix This


This book takes an unflinching look at one man's struggle as he deals with his daughter's chronic illness. It is personal. It is powerful. It makes the reader reflect on how society distances males from their emotions, leaving them stranded in their time of need. It is also a call to action to change things -- to encourage men to share their feelings and come together in a movement that celebrates their inner emotional life. Kudos to Mr. Illes for baring his soul in the service of helping others on their journey.

~Maureen O'Brien, PhD Psychologist, Mom and Family Educator, Founder, www.destinationparenting.com


An important read for dads who feel they're alone in times of family crisis and think they need to be solely responsible for holding things together. They're not, and they don't. This book reminds us of that.

~Pete Giove-Fourwinds, Father


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