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Slip of the Hand


Slip of the Hand is the story of a man seeking justice in a world where he sees no choice but to take the law into his own hands, regardless of the consequences.

Jeff Keller opened his eyes after thinking back, as he had countless times before, to that night six years ago.  It was the last time he saw his fiancée, Laura Weston, alive.  He loved her and now he was sitting in prison, serving a life sentence, framed for her murder by government insiders. 

Navy SEAL Jack Bolton has barely survived his last special operations mission in the Taliban-controlled mountain ranges of Afghanistan when he receives the devastating news that his sister, a college student, is missing.  He immediately returns to Massachusetts and begins an exhaustive search to find her. When he learns that she has been murdered and that the police and FBI can't develop the case for lack of evidence, he makes a life-changing decision to deal with her killers himself.  That ostensibly clear-cut decision takes him on a journey that he could never have anticipated.  Along the way, he discovers a shocking government plot and eventually finds himself the object of a massive manhunt, not only for taking the law into his own hands, but for what he might know. The New York Mafia, a Mexican cartel, and powerful government officials all want him dead.

Meanwhile, Jeff Keller might just hold the key to both their futures.


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