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The Ugly Bureaucrat


Jeff Vinton, an advocate for the powerless, quickly learns of the folly of idealism. He achieves substantial victories as he progresses from Vietnam firefights to bureaucratic turf wars, but his accomplishments ultimately lead to personal loss.


Politician Bob Elam enters the fray as a gubernatorial candidate intent on achieving meaningful change only to be co-opted by a cynical legislator. His aide, though still the believer, is effortlessly swept away.


The contested use of public resources serves as a backdrop while ordinary folks experience individual successes and collective failures. The enduring prejudice toward the American Indian, conflicting tenets, and human foibles are key elements of the story as it explores the pain of lost causes and withdrawn fidelities.


Today’s widespread frustration with government is perhaps better understood by understanding the odyssey of The Ugly Bureaucrat. It’s a story of where we’ve been – of probably where we are.


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