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Fall of an Icon: Polaroid after Edwin H. Land, an Insider's View of the Once Great Company


Fall of an Icon provides a rare and unique insight into the cultural strengths and weaknesses contributing to both the growth and demise of Polaroid as a once great company. This book is applicable to many succcessful comtemporary companies, where historical strengths are becoming current weaknesses. ~Carl J. Yankowski, CEO and Founder, Westerham Group

Milt has done a wonderful job in Fall of an Icon of capturing the full range of challenges that Dr. and, and the leadership that fllowed, faced and where they were successful and where they missed opportunities to preserve the company's future...Milt has done a superb job of getting behind the "images" and outlined the real dynamics and challenges that took a company from the basement lab in the South End of Boston to a multi-billion dollar industry. ~Paul Hegarty, former Polaroid employee


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