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Birds of Paradise


Birds of Paradise is the story of trucker Joe-Mack who picks up a runaway in Vegas and drops him in Hollywood. He gives this boy his phone number in case he ever needs help, and when the call comes, Joe-Mack reaches out to him and becomes embroiled in Freddie’s life and the search for Starlet, the homeless girl who desires stardom. The three have in common a search for love and for a place to belong. Set in California’s beautiful, yet challenging neighborhoods, the characters, like lost Birds of Paradise, take on risks and maintain thin threads of dignity amidst troubling situations with surprising twists along the way.

“Kathy Handley is a writer of fierce dedication andcompassion, one who knows that the lifeblood of story is character, thatfiction eddies from the artful confluence of character and place. The result isprose of grace and empathy.”

~ Bruce Machart, author of The Wake of Forgiveness


In Kathryn Handley’s Birds of Paradise, broken hearts arecatalysts for personal reinvention. Ms. Handley explores this theme withcrystal clear prose and a strong sense of story, but its her deep empathy forher characters that makes this novel unforgettable.”

~Lisa Borders, author of Cloud Cuckoo Land


Kathryn Handley takes us on one rollicking great ride. Yes,things get wild, but with such an assured writer at the helm, you know you’rein good hands and the trip will be wonderful.

~Jamie Cat Callan, author of Bonjour, Happiness.



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