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Quotes Stephanie at Riverhaven Books has removed the mystery from publishing and promotion. She guided me through the process with answers to my questions and brilliant ideas. After a world of love and envy: short stories, flash fiction and poetry, we'll tackle my novel, Birds of Paradise. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship with her. Thanks, Stephanie and Riverhaven. Quotes
Kathy Handley
author - a world of love and envy

Quotes Riverhaven Books is a fairly new company, but the level of professionalism is fantastic - they reach out to take care of every detail and the final product is concise, attractive, and very reasonably priced - so much less than other options. Quotes
Virginia Young
author - Out of the Blue

Quotes Richard Standring (not related to my family) is a compelling storyteller. His characters are the disenfranchised and the walking wounded, but they are alive with intelligence and integrity. I found myself turning page after page, eager to know what happened next. The simplicity of his storytelling enhances the journey into the lives of people we often overlook. It's a refreshment that educates. Quotes
Suzette Martinez Standring
Syndicated Columnist for GateHouse

Quotes Extremely helpful article, please write more. Quotes

Quotes Stellar work there everyone. I'll keep on reading. Quotes

Quotes Say hello to a brilliant new voice in fiction. Kathryn Handley's stories truly shine. A star is born!? Quotes
Jamie Cat Callan
author of Bonjour, Happiness!

Quotes Kathy Handley is a writer of fierce dedication and compassion, one who knows that the lifeblood of story is character, that fiction eddies from the artful confluence of character and place. The result is prose of grace and empathy. Quotes
Bruce Machart
author of The Wake of Forgiveness

Quotes In Sleepless Tides, by Virginia Young, it is impossible for the reader to avoid rooting for the union of both protagonists despite their evident differences and uneasiness with one another. Virginia, once again, has molded her characters with precision, compassion, and sensitivity to their being. Her strong writing style, detailed descriptors, and impecable dialogue allows the reader to imagine the characters as real live persons sitting in the same room drinking coffee and conversing. Virginia has managed to transmit her love of that area of Maine with sights, smells, colors and fine tuned descriptions. As a result, it is easy for the reader to transport him/herself to the pages of the book as a bystander and observer. This is the third book I have read by Virginia Young and I anxiously await a fourth. She is a superb writer that keeps getting better and bett Quotes
Teresa Mascarenhas
Sleepless Tides Transports The Reader To Maine

Quotes I'm a big fan of Virginia Young. Hope to read some more of these intriguing authors soon. Quotes
Pj Schott
Love Riverhaven Books

Quotes Riverhaven Books has already had the pleasure of publishing five books. Since its inception in August of 2010, Riverhaven has also worked to unite the writing community of Massachusett's South Shore and beyond through a monthly gathering entitled "Writers' Work" - held the last Monday of every month excluding July and August at the Hearth N' Kettle in Weymouth. Contact us for more information and to reserve a spot. Quotes
Stephanie Blackman